April 8 – Gospel Readthrough – John 21

Read John 21:1-25

In the 60’s there was a TV show called Mission Impossible.  At the beginning of each episode a small team, of highly trained agents were given their mission.  They were to use their skills against hostile and evil dictators.  Their instructions were given via a tape recording of an unseen person. Then the tape would self-destruct 5 seconds later.

Here in John 21 Jesus was giving the disciples their instructions for what seemed to be an impossible mission to become fishers of MEN!

The disciples had had 3 years of hands-on-training.  They had seen the miracles, they had heard His words!  They had been eye witnesses to a dead man being raised to life! They were experts at fishing for fish.  Now they would be fishing for the hearts of men.   They would be catching new believers and hauling them closer to God!  The strength of the Holy Spirit would be their net to bring them in.

Their mission is ours too.

“Feed my lambs”

As you bring new people into the fold, remember they are all baby believers and can be easily led astray by false teachings and half-truths.  So, they are not devoured by the false teachings of Satan they need to be fed the truth.  You can’t just lead a person to Christ and expect them to continue on the right path without being nurtured along the way.  It might mean having to invest some time not only in prayer but in their lives.

Take care of my sheep

This is a rescue mission.  Jesus knew horrible things were ahead for many of his followers. Some would face persecution, put in prison, beaten, or even literally fed to lions just because of Him.  They were going to need to be encouraged, and reminded of the truth over and over again.   Are you willing to be questioned or even mocked for sticking up for Jesus? Are you willing to come to the rescue of others who are being attacked because of the truth?  How about at school or work around the water cooler?  What about in front of your friends?   

Feed my sheep

Just like we get strength from the natural food we eat we get spiritual strength from the Bread of Life, Jesus, and the word of God, the Bible.  The disciples were to tell what they had seen, heard and lived. They needed to speak and write it all down for the spiritual food for the believers then and for future generations. We too have our own spiritual stories of what God has done for us in our lives.  We need to share them!  

Their mission is our mission!  We all have lambs/sheep around us who need to be cared for and fed.  Don’t let them die from spiritual starvation! 

They need you!

Pat Arnold

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