April 22 – Grace – Grace in the Old Testament

Read 2 Timothy 1:9

Is the Old Testament only about law?

People often think the Old Testament is all about law and the New Testament is all about grace. Does this mean that death and resurrection created a more gracious God? John 1:17, says, “For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” After reading this verse, you would think it concludes the idea the Old Testament is law and the New Testament is grace. 

The truth of the gospel is God’s grace is the foundation. He didn’t become more gracious. Grace has always existed. Salvation is impossible without grace. The Bible simply focuses more on grace in the New Testament. 

God knew we would need saving from sin when He created us. He had life, death, and resurrection planned out from the beginning of time. All along God had a gracious plan to redeem each and every one of us through grace.

Throughout the Old Testament, God’s gives undeserving grace time and time again to a number of individuals.  

Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord (Genesis 6:8). The world was so evil God regretted creating mankind. One man, Noah, was faithful to God. This alone was enough for God to save his family from destruction. 

Moses was far from perfect, but God continued to choose to walk beside him and listen. God showed grace to a man, Moses, who killed another with his bare hands (Exodus 4:13). These are just two of many grace stories.

God chooses us every time. He never runs out of grace even when we feel like we have completely failed Him. Lean into God when you are in a deep valley or on the top of a mountain in life. God is the strength we need. 

Where in your life do you need God’s grace and to ask for forgiveness?

Are there times you need to be more gracious like Christ?

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