April 25 – The God Who Comes Through – He sends compassionate people

Read Exodus 1:1-22

God comes through!

That fact resonates throughout the Scriptures. He provided for your greatest need in the person of Jesus. If you have given yourself to Christ, He will gather you into His presence for eternity.

But while you may embrace that idea of “God coming through” on the macro level of life, what about the micro moments that you are living in now? Even there, we are assured that the God of heaven “works all things together for good” (Rom. 8:28). Without exception, He orchestrates it all. And the outcome is good…not necessarily the outcome we would have chosen, but somehow, in the grand scheme of things, still good.

The book of Exodus illustrates that well. Over the next few days, you are offered a front row seat, from which you will observe God coming through in some of the most impossible of situations. That reality begins to surface already in the first chapter.

Four hundred years earlier, God came through by providing food in the midst of famine. The people of God migrated from their hunger in the Promised Land to Egypt where they were welcomed, respected, and fed. But those days were gone. The current ruler of Egypt did not care to know about the history of the Israelites’ journey. He saw them only as a multiplying threat.

Consequently, He forced them to labor as slaves. Still, they multiplied. No problem. He knew how to stunt their growth. He would have the Hebrew midwives kill the Hebrew baby boys at birth. Just imagine…for those, who experienced the oppression of forced labor and for those who knew of the decree to have the babies killed, it must have seemed as if God had deserted them.

But God came through.

The Hebrew midwives had a greater fear of God than they did of Egypt’s king. At the risk of their own lives, they protected the lives of others. They let the little boys live. These two women, Shiphrah and Puah, were God’s provision for the welfare of the babies.

Sometimes, God comes through by sending others to our rescue. A stranger stops by to help. A friend offers words of hope. A fellow believer provides a gift of money. A relative is faithful to pray. Who are the people who have blessed you when life seemed most challenging?

As you recognize this, don’t miss out on the fact that God may also send you as His means of rescue.

Steve Kern

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