April 26 – The God Who Comes Through – He sees our need and hears our cry

Read Exodus 3:1-8

“…I have heard them crying out… and I am concerned about their suffering.”

There is a time in everyone’s walk with Jesus that something happens…something happens where more questions arise than answers and doubt kicks in. Here is Moses, removed from his people knowing the suffering they are facing and the Lord meets him with a promise and a plan. Moses has more questions than answers but He listens, He follows, He doubts yet obeys. In his obedience he was displaying the faith that God was asking him to have so He could meet the needs of His people. 

Whether it be heartbreak, valleys to walk through, mountains we face, life altering decisions, illness or loss, there are moments that come up in our lives that we forget the Truth that God not only knows about our problems but He cares about them.

Just as God told Moses in that field, He tells us that our suffering matters. He will use this chapter of suffering for His Glory. His goodness pronounced and His promises fulfilled because He knows, He hears and He cares.

A couple of years ago, Jake and I experienced a loss that we never thought we would know. Even after all this time, it’s still a fresh wound and yet the Lord’s presence and power is so strong within our midst, our family, and our marriage because we are holding steadfast to the Truth that He hears our cries, He knows our heartache and sadness, He cares deeply about it and He will be here through it all.

In the beginning of any suffering, it is incredibly easy to walk into the lies that God does not care, that we have control over what has happened. However, just as God knew the needs for His people on this journey to the promise land, He knew ours and it was Jesus himself.
The Lord showed up for His people in Exodus, He shows up for us, and He will always show up for you.

He knows our heartache, He knows yours and even though He never promised that we would NOT walk through the valley, He promises to be holding us through it and walking alongside us.

He has this. He has You.
Through it all, He is welcoming you to come forward in His presence.

What is something that you may be holding onto because in your mind you thing He doesn’t care?
I pray that you see the Truth that He does. He wants it. He wants to carry the load, the burden and walk with you. He will show up for you; You just have to bring it to Him.

Kelly Lawson

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