April 27 – The God Who Comes Through – He provides (imperfect) leaders to guide us

Read Exodus 3:9-22 and 4:27-31

“Who am I that I should go?” (Ex 3:11).  As Moses appeared before the LORD at the burning bush while shepherding sheep, he received what felt like an impossible task.  “Go, I am sending you” (Ex 3:9) the LORD declared to Moses.  Have you ever felt ill equipped or unworthy of serving the LORD?  Have you ever wondered how you can be used by God?  Perhaps you feel that you have too much sin in your past.  Or maybe you feel you are not educated enough.  Or maybe you don’t have enough time in your schedule to serve.  Maybe you are fearful that you will not know what to say or what to do.

This story of the LORD calling Moses really hits home for me.  I can recall being in my early 20’s and coaching baseball at a local high school.  I loved being around the game and coaching.  I loved the kids who would want extra batting practice, work on pitching mechanics or fielding after practice.  But one thing really shocked me while I was coaching.  I would have kids come up to me and want to talk to me about their personal lives.  Things like their parents’ divorce, drug and alcohol use, sex with their girlfriends.  WHAT!!!  I didn’t sign up for this!!!  I just want to coach ball!  Having played football, basketball and baseball myself, I could never have imagined talking to my coaches about any of those things.  But, of course, I was there to listen and give advice when I could.

A few years later, now married with a young child, starting a career and taking care of our first home, we were a family who attended church regularly yet did not serve.  We would sneak in and sneak out each Sunday.  Then it happened.  Our church had the new pastor of the youth group speak at the service to recruit volunteers to help lead students.  I totally ignored it for weeks but then, they asked again. This time I got “the nudge”.  All guys know the elbow that your wife gives you to get your attention. 

I remember going home and discussing the possibility of serving with Carol.  “I am not worthy to serve, I have too much dirt in my past.”  “I don’t know what to say, what to do.”  “I don’t have time.”  One thing that stuck out to me was those baseball players I coached.  I couldn’t tell you there ERA or batting average, but I knew their struggles.  I was just some dude who happened to be there and help them through those difficult times in life.  And I realized a couple of things: #1 – the Lord had already prepared me.  I had been doing “youth ministry” and had no idea.  #2 – I was NOT worthy, I was NOT ready and would NOT know the things to say. 

Do you think Moses was ready to lead the Israelites out of Egypt?  He had even killed someone.  He was not a well-spoken man.  Or how about King David, “a man after God’s own heart”?  He was a shepherd (not a priest), he had an affair and had his mistress’ husband killed.  Or how about the disciples of Jesus?  They were not Bible scholars but fisherman, and tax collectors – just normal average men. 

All of us are imperfect.  None of us are worthy to serve; however, the LORD has blessed each one of us with a calling and blessing to serve Him and be a part of what He is doing.  I invite you to take some time and think for a moment about this:  Where do you feel God is calling you to serve?  What is your next step that you need to take to make it happen?

Nate Mills

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