May 28 – Tips for Everyday Life – Your Heart

Read James 4:1-3

Everyone loves a bargain! In our town a few years ago, we had what was called Dollar Days! Dollar Days was similar to the modern Black Fridays.

There really were some great bargains and being a young mom of two kids with a limited budget, I really loved going there and getting their school clothes.

Early in the morning, I would go down to wait in front of the store for a couple of hours until they opened. I wasn’t the only one there as some came in pairs and would plan their attack for the full 2 hours. It was like listening to generals planning the invasion on D Day! Once the doors opened, mayhem broke loose. People were running here and there. They would randomly grab stacks of items off of the shelves and out of each other’s arms.

Since then, my daughter and I have made it a sport to go Black Friday shopping, not so much for the bargains but just for something to do together. We are always amazed at some of the people’s behavior. People push, shove, grab items that they really aren’t even sure they want, but will buy simply  because it is on sale. People who are usually considered normal, calm, polite individuals turn into these crazed beings over sheets, pillows and coffee pots. Many of their purchases will wind up in a few months on garage sale tables, sometimes even with the tags still on them. Why?

People want what they don’t have. Advertisers make millions on that fact. Although Dollar Days and Black Fridays are modern events, this behavior had been around for thousands of years! The first sin was Eve taking what the serpent had talked her into wanting, even though she did not need it since she could have anything else in the garden.

Jail cells are full of people who see something they want and, instead of saving money to buy it, they steal it. Wars have been fought over dictators claiming to own what truly belongs to another country.

But doesn’t God want His children to be happy?  I think I might be really happy in a beautiful home with a fancy red convertible!  But would I REALLY?

Motives for wanting something might not be obviously known to man but they are to God.  God’s will for your life is that you will be with Him in Heaven.  He is never going to go against His own will for you by giving you something that will not help you reach that goal.

You want something that you THINK will be good for you?   Try this test. Have you earned it?  Does it belong to someone else? Will you having it bring you or someone else closer to God?

If your answer is no, you don’t need it!  For where your treasure is, so is your heart!

Pat Arnold

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