July 8 – Fear of – Change

Read Hebrews 13:8

“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”

 In 1985, the Coca-Cola Company faced a strong challenge from Pepsi. “The Pepsi Challenge” was an advertising campaign where participants, in a blind taste test, were surprised to learn they preferred Pepsi over Coke. The Coca-Cola company responded with a reformulated product that was launched on April 23, 1985, called “The New Coke.”  This was a national disaster: ads were ridiculed, and “New Coke” was dumped publicly into sewers.  On July 11, 1985, the previous version of Coke was brought back as “Coca-Cola Classic”. As a result of all this, they lost millions in research and advertising. The Coca-Cola Company thought this change would bring about a positive public response as they were trying to please the public, trying to make their product better. 

There are times when change is good.  A new job, a vacation, a new outlook.  Change can be desirable and exciting.  However, when change brings loss of finances, loss of health, or the death of a loved one, change can be frightening.  Fear creeps in, there is now an “unknown” in our life.  How will my life look now?  What’s going to happen? For those who know Christ as their Savior, even during the most difficult changes in this life, there is hope.  Our foundation is set upon an unchanging, perfect, and faithful God.  

He is the one constant in an ever-changing world.

Christ is Changeless because He is God.

“I the LORD do not change…”Malachi 3:6

Christ is unchanging in a world that’s full of change.  Because Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, the gospel message is timeless. The plan of redemption is the same and will always remain the same. His love for man is eternal. His assurance of resurrection and eternal life remains untouched. If He were to change His plan, and, if He were different today from who He was, then who could we depend on?

What would we be able to expect from tomorrow? 

Christ is Perfect, so there can be no change.

“…your Father in Heaven is perfect.”Matthew 5:48

Every plan, every action, every decision is perfect, because a perfect God deemed it so. There is no need for change.  If He were to change His plans, then that would suggest that it wasn’t good or perfect in the beginning.  If God changed, then what certainty do we have in this life?  What hope could we stand on when things of this world change?

Where in your life do you need to accept His good and perfect plan?

Christ is ever faithful.

“…your faithfulness reaches to the skies…”Psalm 36:5

Because He is faithful, we are encouraged to persevere in our faithfulness to Him, when the world around us is ever changing.  He was faithful to His people in the days of Abraham and remains faithful to you today. Our devotion to Him may change daily, but His love is steadfast. He chooses us every day. He is constant and faithful always.  

As we saw with the example of “New Coke”, Christ will not change to accommodate public opinion. He will not change to satisfy our desires. Because He is the same yesterday, today and forever, we can trust Him with our “todays” and with our future.

He has always been true to His word and will remain so.

“…But You remain the same…”Hebrews 1:12

Janene Nagel

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