July 23 – Praying Through the Psalms – Psalm 34

Read Psalm 34:1-22

This Psalm has a special memory for me. My sister and I shared a bedroom, but she is 8 years older than I am and moved to college by the time I was 10. We looked at this Psalm together and we made up a song. I still sing it in my head as I read this passage. The beauty of these truths has carried me through life. That is the powerful outcome of hiding His Word in our hearts. When we do so, He directs us, and we grow in our understanding of God’s presence and provision.

David is sharing these eternal truths from His experience with God. It is written in an acrostic form. Originally written in Hebrew, it uses the 22 letters of that alphabet to structure the many beautiful acknowledgements about and responses to our powerful and loving God. This was read and sung so others could be blessed and have their focus redirected in difficult times. How appropriate today as we face more concerns and distractions than we ever thought possible.

Why not embrace David’s challenge to use our English Alphabet and write an acrostic of the characteristics of God.

  • Almighty; B-Beautiful; C-Compassionate; E-Everlasting….keep going! Read them out loud today and enjoy worshipping our wonderful God!

Secondly, pray portions of this Psalm out loud so your soul can be refreshed.

Acknowledge His position in your life!

“Lord, you are worthy of my praise at all times. My soul boasts in you! You are to be exalted and magnified in my life.” vs. 1-3

Admit to Him and others around you what He has done and can do for you!

You, Father deliver me from all my fears! You have taken away all my shame. You save me from my troubles!” vs. 4-6

This passage expresses the use of the senses. Worship includes all we are.

Taste and see that the Lord is good!” Vs 8

Listen, I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” Vs 11

It then instructs us in our soul journey. When we desire life and want to see many good days, we need to keep our tongue from evil and deceit. Instruction is clear to us to depart from evil and do good; seek peace and keep our focus on the Lord. Vss. 12-14

During this time of uncertainty and less control, I am thankful to have the Word of God to instruct, refresh, and lead me to pray truth to my soul.

Celeste Kern

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