October 10 – Holding On – To Identity

Read 1 Peter 2:1-10

When I was in college, I made plans to go to Florida with a friend, who was from Florida, for Spring Break.  I told my mom about my plans, and her comment to me was:

“Remember who you are.

You are a Sweeney (my maiden name) which holds a certain reputation.

But above that, you are a Christian, which holds a certain standard of living.” 

As you look at the passage today, Peter seems to be telling us to remember the same.  He gives four distinctions in verse 9, that all believers are to hold on to.  These distinctions are not natural to man as all are born into a state of darkness. Through Jesus Christ, believers have been called out of this darkness and into a new life. This new life brings privileges and responsibilities:

  1. Chosen:

You were not chosen because you came to Him, you came to Him because you were chosen.

(John 15:16) God chose Abraham, Moses, David, the 12 apostles, the woman at the well, Paul and also you! God’s choices are perfect. As one of His chosen, you can walk with confidence, because you belong to God.

Where do you feel weak, or lack the confidence to “hold on” as you walk through this life?

  1. Royal Priesthood:

In the Old Testament God chose the family of Levi to be the royal priesthood (Exodus 28). Priests were to represent God and intercede for man. This was a position that could not be earned or bought, it was appointed by God.  Everyone, even you, represents God before man. You can now intercede for man before God.  Even though you may face hard times, rejection, or persecution, remember that you have been chosen and are a part of the royal priesthood. You have a purpose. Your life has meaning. Remember that you represent Jesus to others. You are part of something greater! 

How will you represent Christ today?

  1. Holy Nation:

We are one holy nation, under one King, devoted to God. To be holy, means to be set apart for a special and sacred purpose. You, along with other believers, have been set apart from the world for a relationship with God to fulfill His purposes. Our holiness as a nation of believers consists of our devotion to God’s mission. As a believer, and part of a holy nation, you should strive to be a person of integrity, truth, love and compassion. 

How will you plan to be a person of integrity today? 

  1. God’s Possession:

You have been cleansed (1 John 1:9) and given new garments (Revelation 19:7-8).  You are precious to Him. He protects you (Psalm 121:7) and cherishes you (Jeremiah 31:3).

He has chosen you!  Will you choose Him today above everything and everyone else?

You are His chosen, His priests, His nation, and His possession.

Peter is encouraging the reader, you, to “hold on”. 

Put aside the old ways of living (1 Peter 2:1).  Don’t allow yourself to get swallowed up by the ever-changing whims of society, worldly attitudes and actions. A “holy” people are called to “hold on” in every walk of life, whether at home, work, school, your neighborhood…or spring break. 

Remember who, and whose, you are!

Janene Nagel

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