November 24 – Following Jesus in a Jacked-Up Church – Develop a God-given Gift

Read 1 Corinthians 3:5-15

Knowing your true gifting is powerful.

I have spent my entire life here at Wooster Grace Church. The very nursery here was the same space where faithful volunteers held and rocked me when I was a baby. The hallways were the same hallways that I ran down. I distinctly remember standing in the space that would become the gym, when it had no roof, a huge pile of rocks in the middle of it, and being a sophomore in high school when the Student Center opened.

Grace Church is all I’ve ever known.

Growing up as a pastor’s kid, I wasn’t turned off to ministry, I wanted more of it. I distinctly remember getting the call that I got my foot in the door as a high school intern. As weird as it may sound, when I transitioned to full-time, I remember being proud to have a email. To me, this was a boyhood dream come true. I wanted to help people become fully devoted followers of Christ.

I now serve in a role that is exactly a fit for my gifting. Knowing your true gifting, and living in it, is powerful.

In our reading today, Paul pens the famous words:

“I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth.”

What would have happened if Apollos tried to do Paul’s job? What if Paul, after planting the seed of the gospel, took it upon himself to nurture the people of Corinth on top of his many other responsibilities? It seems like Paul and Apollos knew their job and were doing it well and, more importantly, knew what role God had in their work.

So, I ask you…are you developing a God-given gift? Are you using that gift to minister to people? Now, you may not have a job at a church, but the same gifts that are penned to me are the same that are there for you. Are you using your gift(s) to bring people to the feet of Jesus and encouraging them in their walk?

Have an honest look at yourself and your gifting and have an even more honest conversation with God and be willing to be used by Him for the betterment of the Kingdom!

Knowing your true gifting is powerful.

Jake Lawson

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