December 18 – Behind the Christmas Card

Read Psalm 55:22

I’m not sure about you, but, every time I get a Christmas card from someone, for a split second, it appears that their family is perfect. They are all smiling with seemingly such genuine joy. None of the kids are fighting but have arms around each other in the spirit of Christmas splendor. The baby may not be smiling, but at least is looking at the camera. Heck, even the dog is sitting down and looking at the camera. You look at a card like this and suddenly your perception of this family is based off of their Christmas card. You think to yourself that, if their Christmas card is any indication, they must have things figured out.

Little do you know that, right after the picture was taken, kid #1 punches kid #2 in the face, causing a hot pursuit around the living room, the baby throws up everywhere, causing the dog to instinctively investigate, the mom remembers that dinner is burning in the oven while the dad tries to restore peace in the house. You may be thinking of your own family and chuckle, “What peace?”

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be examining issues “Behind the Christmas Card”. These are issues that most all of us have dealt with at one point in our lives and some may be battles we currently are fighting. These issues could be causing you to dread the holidays. Christmas isn’t always joyful for many people.

As you read through these corresponding devotionals, take an honest inventory of your life. Can you relate to what is being shared? True change won’t take place unless you are honest with yourself. Healing and growth won’t happen apart from the Lord. Our passage in Psalm 55 today encourages us to cast our burdens upon the Lord and He will sustain us. As Pastor Nick has said repeatedly, “It’s okay to not be okay. It’s not okay to stay that way.”

As you read the words from our writers, open your heart to some of the same issues that you are dealing with. If you know someone who could be encouraged through these words, share the series with them and allow them to be encouraged as well!

Over the next couple of weeks, let’s all peek behind the Christmas card and examine ways that the holiday season can cause some internal issues to arise. Let’s also open our hearts to the Lord and the healing and forgiveness that He offers!

Our EverydaywithGod team is praying for you as you journey through this series with us!

Jake Lawson

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