December 28 – God of 2nd Chances – Not a license to sin

Read Romans 6:1-2

We receive salvation by grace through faith. It is at that moment in every person’s life when they decide to follow Jesus that their past, present, and future are forgiven. 

Now, our walk with Jesus doesn’t stop there. We don’t just make that decision and then go on living our life for ourselves. When we give our life over to Jesus, it is just that: we are giving our life to Christ, though we must understand that total perfection and victory is not attainable while living in this fallen world. Therefore, Christ loves us so much that He offers us grace for our shortcomings. He fills the gap between who we are and who we are intended to be. 

I was like most baby believers. I took grace for granted and continued living life for how I wanted and didn’t care about God’s best. I wanted to be in right standing, but I didn’t want to surrender ALL I wanted for what He was calling me to. So, I continued to sin, I continued to live my life for me, all the while putting the face of a “good Christian” on. 

As I grew in my knowledge of who God was and the best He had for me, I began to understand Romans 6 so much better. Him loving me enough to sacrifice His own life for me does not give me a license to just live for myself. The response we should have is to run away from sin because, as Paul reminds the Romans, “we are those who have died to sin.” 

Life on earth is nothing short of hard. What we must remember, what I pray over my family and over you, is that, as you wake in the morning, you look at your day and walk in the moments that follow with the knowledge and strength that you can only receive from Christ! 

Is there any area in your life where you are excusing sin? Are you struggling to give God control of EVERYTHING in your life? Don’t go another moment without surrendering all that you are to God and commit to FULLY follow Him with your life!

He died for us, let’s love for Him! 

Kelly Lawson

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