January 8 – Think About Such Things

Read Romans 12:2

Your brain is a crazy and complex thing.

In April 2022, I was forced to come to terms with just how important our brains are when I experienced focal seizures. After a couple of nights, they wanted to keep me “another night” at the hospital when I, more than anything, wanted to be with my family and out of a hospital bed. A doctor picked up on my frustration and said, “When it comes to your brain or your heart, you can’t be too careful.”

I doubt anyone would argue with the physical side of that, but do we believe the same mentally?

Do we think that our thoughts are of great value?

Are we careful when it comes to our mental health?

This morning, Pastor Nick is talking about the power of our thoughts and what it takes to “win” with your mind and experience fewer regrets this year as a result.

What is it going to take?

Nick’s going to be speaking out of Philippians 4:8 and we are going to be taking a closer look at these characteristics this week. However, before we do, I want to set the scene for all of us.

For me personally, I have had to, as Romans 12:2 says, “renew my mind” as of recently. Ever since I have begun to take my faith seriously and committed to grow spiritually but also mentally and emotionally, there has been the process of rewiring my young and immature mind. My wife, Kelly, can attest to the fact that I am nowhere close to perfect but I have taken some strides over the years.

How do you “renew your mind”?

How do you “win” in your mind?

What regret do you have with how you have treated your mental health in the past?

This morning’s message, if you haven’t heard it yet, will challenge you to take your mental health seriously and actively take steps to renew your mind and have 2023 be a year of mental victory in your life!

Here are some ways that you can pray for both yourself and others this week:

  1. We will be having new people joining our group to read this series. Pray for their commitment to growth and that the Holy Spirit would convict them and that they would renew their mind through the convictions that come this week.
  2. If you are a continual Every Day with God reader, pray that you would open your heart to the message this week and that you would think of excellent and praiseworthy things.

The series begins tomorrow but, even starting today, how can you begin to fix your thoughts on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy?

Jake Lawson

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