January 25 – Prayers of Jesus – Forgiveness

Read Luke 23:34

Forgiveness is a tough topic.

Sure, it’s easy to forgive your 5-year-old when they apologize for accidentally hitting you when roughhousing or don’t listen the first time they are told to do something. However, it can feel next to impossible the more serious the “injustice” becomes.

It’s very much a process.

We all have those “tough to forgive” moments in our lives. Believe me, I know just how hard it can be.

Our reading today takes forgiveness to a whole new level.

Sure, it’s easy to forgive your 5-year-old or maybe a family member but how about the people who are in the process of killing you?

Jesus was beaten and was nailed to a tree. His wounds were open and, because of his position, was suffocating due to not being able to lift himself up to breathe. It’s in the midst of this that He offers a prayer to God that almost seems hard to fathom:

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Yes, you read that right. Jesus asked God to forgive the very people who had brought him so much pain. When you really think about it, what excuse do we all have for allowing unforgiveness to fester?

As we consider our reading today, I pray that we would take a good and hard look at our lives and identify anywhere in our life where we have held onto unforgiveness. As hard as it may be, I pray that we would take steps towards forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a tough topic.

It may not be instantaneous for you but, I pray that you would take steps toward forgiveness. Talk to a friend, pastor or counselor in order to take a step toward forgiveness.

The Bible is very clear, we are called to forgive. While, it’s a tough thing to do, given who Jesus forgave, we really don’t have any excuse.

Jake Lawson

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