February 11 – ReGen – Believe

Read Psalm 103:2-5

There is a MASSIVE difference between “knowing” and “believing”.

Growing up in the church, I can never remember a time where I didn’t know about God. On top of that, I went to private Christian school in the same building throughout the week so just about every day of my life included Jesus.

I knew who He was and who He is. I knew what He did on earth. I knew the books of the Bible. I knew the gospel.

I knew Jesus…but I didn’t believe.

Throughout my youth, my surface level faith led to various sins beginning to, not only take root, but sprout in my life. I was at church every Sunday and going on mission trips in the summer. However, behind the scenes, I was, as our reading today says, “diseased” and “in the pit.”

I’m not sure I would call it shock therapy but, at the very end of high school, I was confronted with the hypocrisy of my life and committed to picking up the pieces and believing in God…for the first time in my life.

There’s a difference between “knowing” and “believing.”

The third step of ReGen is “We come to believe that God is the one whose power can fully restore us.”

I had tried over and over again to restore myself. “This isn’t a big deal”, “I can stop anytime” were my excuses. I committed to being sober for a time, only to fail.

By myself, I was failing.

It wasn’t until I picked up the pieces of my life and placed them at the feet of Jesus that my life began to change. It wasn’t until I placed my recovery, not in my hands, but in His that I started to see the light. It wasn’t until I took the junk that I had hid for so long and brought it out into the light that I began to sense that recovery was actually possible.

Do you believe Jesus, alone, can be the Savior, not only for you, but for the world?

Jesus isn’t just some guy who lived in the Middle East who said a lot of cool stuff and gained a lot of followers. Jesus was and is the Son of God. God Himself wants to have a personal relationship with you!

The moment that you turn from your ways and believe ALONE in Jesus, you will see the light of regeneration in your recovery but also in your faith.

Do you need to take the step from “knowing” to “believing?”

Do you find your life diseased and in the pit? What actionable steps are you going to take to get out?

Jake Lawson – ReGen Leader

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