February 18 – ReGen – Amends

Read Romans 12:17-18

Step 8 – “Make a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.”

In 1988, I was varsity golf coach at the high school where I taught. And we had a really good team that year. We were undefeated, 21-0 with one match to go. We had our eyes on the state tournament championship.

Or so I thought.

On Saturday morning, I got a call from our Athletic Director that 4 of my 5 varsity players were seen drinking beer at the football game the night before. He wanted to know how I wanted to handle it.

I prayed to God for guidance and ended up removing them from the team.

We then lost the last match which was played by mostly JV players and we were quickly eliminated in the tournament.

Our season ended 21-1.

Three years later, I received a letter from one of those four players. He apologized and said he realized the impact of his mistake and that he was the one who brought the beer to the football game that night.

He wanted to make amends. He was in AA and going through step 8. His drinking led to other problems and he asked for forgiveness. He had a drinking problem and he was now clean and sober.

One of the juniors on that team made amends with himself by being Player Of The Year his senior year. He went to Malone College and became an All-American. A few years later he was inducted into the Malone College Hall of Fame and invited my wife and I to the banquet to sit with his parents.

We were the only people he invited!

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

Doesn’t that include peace with yourself?

The idea of being honest with yourself regarding your behavior and mistakes is really important. Recognizing how your behavior may have harmed others is a big key in your growth.

That takes courage. Guts. Grit.

If you wrong someone, make amends. It will also help you. Tell them. Then back it up by living in peace with the person.   

Tom Weckesser

ReGeneration is a ministry for people battling the storms of life. From emotional struggles to substance abuse, ReGen is a ministry for those who want to experience healing, recovery, community and accountability in the midst of their storms. Currently, ReGen meets on Tuesday nights (7p) at Grace Church in Wooster. We would LOVE to host you! Text “regen” to 3302649459 if you want more information or want to attend!

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