February 25 – Parables – Treasure and Pearl

Read Matthew 13:44-46

Is there something that you would give anything to have or make happen?

Recently there was a very close friend of mine who was struggling with a drug addiction. Thankfully, they got to the point where they were admitting themselves into rehab. I was talking to them before they left and I told them, “You know I would give my right arm if it would help you in any way, right?” I was trying with all my might to show this person that I loved them dearly and my heart broke for what they were experiencing. I wanted so much for this person to be delivered from their demons.

Our passage in Matthew 13 talks about the Kingdom of Heaven and just how valuable it is. In two consecutive parables, Jesus tells about people seeing the value of something and giving all that they had to obtain it.

I’m not sure what your story is but, without Jesus, I am a horrible person. It almost makes me sick to think of the person I would be without the life-changing love and forgiveness of Jesus. Because of Jesus, a sinner like me can spend eternity with a God who I ran away from…a God who I deliberately disobeyed. When I think of the moment I stand before Jesus, and my actions are laid out before Him, and He asks, “Why should I let you into my Heaven?”, I’ll say, “You shouldn’t.” There is so much in my life that should disqualify me from eternal life. However, one decision that I made in high school changed the entire landscape of my life. The moment I told myself, “You know what? I am sick of living my life like this. It’s time that I actually take this Jesus thing seriously.” From that moment, sitting in a park in San Francisco many years ago, to me typing these words to you today, God has completely changed my life.

You see, that same freedom…that same grace is the treasure and pearl that we read about today. Have you made the decision to follow hard after Jesus? Are you holding back at all? Is there someone in your life who needs to know just how valuable this “pearl” is?

If you are like I was…just coasting through life and not taking your faith seriously, I pray that these words would be the catalyst you need to run full on into the arms of Jesus.

Jake Lawson

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