March 1 – Parables – Two Builders

Read Luke 6:47-49

As a mother myself, I often look back on things my mother once said to me growing up and think, “If only I would have listened” or “That’s what she meant when she said that.”

… the words that we build our choices on matter because one small choice can affect the entire story that is written.

Have you ever decided something in your life because someone spoke to you? Did you settle for good and sacrifice God’s best because someone stated that you weren’t worth anything else? Whatever the case may be, whatever instance comes to mind, what someone says and what you choose to believe can either break or build you.

Too many times in our lives we listen to the words, the false truth, the opinions or judgments too closely. We allow them to shape our minds, our hearts, our motives, our perspectives. When instead, we should be looking at the words and truth of the One who creates, who bestows, who loves, who cares, who sacrifices, who guides, who nurtures, who protects, who provides.

Jesus mentions the two different builders because He wants us to understand that we have two choices in this life. We can build a deep foundation in our relationship and faith with Him or we can choose to keep it at arm’s length and only “use it” when we feel we need to.

The imagery here is beautiful.
The house is our faith, life, security.
The rock is our relationship with Jesus.
The torrent can be anything: our lives, our short comings, our unfortunate situations, our horrible circumstances, the words, opinions, choices of others.
We are one of the two men.

Now the beauty of this, to me, is that Jesus does not mention how a life with Him, following His ways and words, means we won’t come in contact with the wind and waves or even sometimes destruction. He does, however, promise that He is there with us through it.

He does promise that, through Him, there is life. Through Him, there is peace. Through Him, there is hope. With Him, everything doesn’t seem so big. It’s in those moments that the current comes knocking on our doors that we get to decide if we are going to bend and break, or withstand.

Which builder are you?

Have you taken the time to build that deep foundation, steadfast on the truth of Christ and His word? Is there solid rock around you? Or have you done that which is easy and, in your control, and when life hits hard, you feel hopeless?

I pray everyday I can be this first builder Jesus speaks of. I pray everyday that, as the wind and waves may crash against my house, it will not be shaken.

I pray this for you too.

Kelly Lawson

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