April 8 – Holy Week Devotionals – Silent Saturday

Silent Saturday

Read Matthew 27:1-66

It’s Saturday.

The cross was yesterday. And today is silent. God is silent. Jesus is silent.

Hope seems lost.

Max Lucado once wrote:

He made himself heard on Friday.  He tore the curtains of the temple, opened the graves of the dead, rocked the earth, blocked the sun of the sky, and sacrificed the Son of Heaven.  Earth heard much of God on Friday. Nothing on Saturday.

As the Messiah lies cold and lifeless in the grave. This is the “time between.”

Between questions and answers.

Between disappointment and satisfaction.

Between despair and hope.

Where it seems darkness has won.

It’s Saturday.

Doubts are looming. Assurance is dwindling. Silence is deafening.

It’s Saturday.

What’s your Saturday? That place in your life that needs a RESURRECTION.

You are not alone. God is still near. The silence of God is not the absence of God. His silence is not apathy.

He’s already at work. There’s reason to hope.

He’s working on a RESURRECTION.

The light is coming. Tomorrow is Sunday.

RESURRECTION is tomorrow.

Watch… and wait.

Sunday is coming.

Your Turn

If you’re sitting in a “Saturday,” you can celebrate that there’s a Sunday. We have the advantage Jesus’ followers did not have on that Saturday – an EMPTY TOMB. If you’re struggling with hope. If you feel in despair. If you’re hurting and broken and waiting on God, remember this: there is coming a time when“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or morning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” (Revelation 21:4)

*If you like to download a hard copy of these devotionals click here to download.

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