April 15 – Life From Death

Read Luke 7:1-10 ; 8:43-48

As we talk about life arising from death in this series, it is almost impossible to NOT talk about the trust that comes into play when we walk hand in hand with God.

How often do you go through a trial or tribulation within your own life and lose faith?

I will be the first to admit that, in the few months leading up to two of our son’s surgeries, it was hard to grasp this strength in faith (Thank God for the husband He has blessed me with to lean on!). It’s was hard to put my anger and sadness aside and just praise Christ’s name…but I did. Because, when we sing His praises, Death IS DEFEATED!! When we proclaim His name, healing transpires and hope instills.

As I read this passage of Luke, I am reminded of the amount of faith certain people had in Jesus’ name, power and sovereignty. This commander had a tremendous amount of faith that he knew Jesus didn’t NEED to be in his friend’s presence to heal, that all He had to do was speak it and it would be. Only several chapters later, we are introduced to the woman who bled for 12 years and, in this culture, at this time, she was considered unclean and most likely had no friendships. Yet, in the midst of crowds of people, she touched Christ’s cloak as He walked by and she was healed. She exemplified such faith that He didn’t even need to know she was there…all she had to do was touch Him and she knew she would be whole and clean again.  In both of these people’s hearts was this momentous belief that Jesus could bring the death they knew back to life.

Easter Sunday is one that causes me to not only have gratitude that Christ came and took my punishment so that I could live forever with Him in Heaven, but I am hit with the powerful reminder that He brings life from death every day.

May we look backwards with praise for He conquered the grave. May we look forward in anticipation of the day we get to live in His presence and may we look at our present lives with a hunger for more change, for more death defying power that only comes from the God we serve.

Kelly Lawson

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