May 23 – Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Martha & Mary

Read Luke 10:38-40

My Grandma had 9 children, so, when we all got together, it was a major event. All year, she looked forward to the July reunion.  In January, she would stand in line at the Parks and Rec office to be sure to reserve our favorite picnic table at the city park.  Further preparations included lots of baking of cookies, homemade noodles drying on her dining room table and my uncles’ favorite potato rusk rolls. But in my memories of Grandma at the reunions when the work was over, all that came from her were lots of smiles and laughter. One of my fondest reunion pictures is of her hiking up her long skirt and wading barefoot in the creek with the little ones! Grandma was her happiest when she was in the presence of her children.

Reflecting back on that time, she reminds me of both Mary and Martha.  Martha in her wanting everything just right for her guests, but also like Mary in knowing how to not miss out on being in the moment and enjoying the ones she loved!

So, who are you like spiritually? Are you like Martha, so busy with your life that you totally forget that Jesus is waiting to spend some time with you? Do you only acknowledge Him when you are in trouble or when you are exhausted and at your wit’s end? If you do get to church on Sunday, are you too worried about what you or your kids are wearing, what you are going to cook for lunch, or what others might be thinking about your choice of earrings?  When you do study your Bible, are you so worried about which Scripture you should be reading and totally miss the message God is speaking to you?

Or are you a Mary, delighted to open your eyes before everyone else in the house is awake and just enjoy listening to Jesus and relaxing in His presence before your day starts? Do you freely speak to Him on your drive to work or school or even while doing household chores?

We all need to prepare for practically everything we do. The problem comes when the preparations take the place of the pleasure of the event itself.  Being in the presence of Jesus should have been Martha’s priority. I am sure she was nervous and wanted everything perfect!  Martha was missing it, all lost in her preparations. I don’t think Martha was bad; she just hadn’t realized how important this moment was.

Mary got it! Food to her didn’t matter at that time. Jesus was there! I can’t even imagine what that must have been like.

Jesus is calling for you to come, sit and chat. 

Will you take Him up on His offer?

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