May 24 – Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Mary Magdalene

Read Luke 8:1-2 and Mark 16:9-11

Death to Life. Old to New. Graves to Gardens. Ashes to Beauty.

All of these phrases represent what Jesus has done for us and causes me to think of Mary Magdalene.

We only see her appear in Scripture just a handful of times but her story is one of a new life. Luke and Mark both tell us that Jesus healed her of evil spirits and demons were cast out.

We don’t see her backstory or her childhood. We do not see what abuse she may have gone through or what caused the enemy to grab a hold of her so strongly that she was oppressed and possessed with such evil. 

What we do see is her changed life.

Luke tells us that she went from city to city with Christ as He preached and taught. Mark tells us that Christ appeared to her and she is who ran to tell the other followers.

I look back at my old life and I do not recognize that person. That person was filled with such hopelessness and despair but Christ came to me, saved me and set me free from that darkness, just as He did for Mary Magdalene.

When we experience the gospel, it changes us but it also changes our perspective and our priorities.

Christ saw something in her and gave her a new purpose by delivering her from the darkness she knew all too well.

Just as He did for her, He has done for you.

What darkness may be filling your perspective? Where have you possibly lost hope?

May I encourage you to go back and read the gospels. The Lord healed so many people during His ministry on earth and He continues to heal us.

I pray that, as you look at the circumstances in your life, you also see the deliverance and the hope that is in Jesus. I pray that, like Mary, we walk forward, listening to His truths, words and life and allow that to cause us to experience more change for us and help to those around us.

I challenge you: spend some time in Luke 8 and Mark 16 and write down all of the ways in your life that God has shown up and moved. Allow that to propel you to the posture of surrender and hope. 

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