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July 21: Give Life, Don’t Take It

Read Romans 10:5-21 At first glance you might be thinking how does today’s reading have anything to do with our weeklong study on “thou shall not murder.” But take a look a little deeper, and you will find this passage … Continue reading

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July 14: Prioritize Forgiveness

Read Genesis 37:18-28 and Genesis 45:2-8 After reading todays passage, I certainly gained a new perspective on what it means to have a crazy family. While my family may be just as dysfunctional as anybody else’s, it seems pretty hard … Continue reading

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July 5: Sabbath Worship

Read 1 Chronicles 16:1-43 Sundays are my favorite day of the week. There is something so special about joining together in community with other believers and sitting under the teaching of the Word of God. Yet, one of my favorite … Continue reading

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July 2: The Sabbath Was Made For You

Read Mark 2:23-27 Do you remember the kids in elementary school who would always tattle? It was as if they were actively searching for reasons to go and report even what they perceived to be the silliest of infractions of … Continue reading

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June 24: The name of God is Holy

Read Psalm 111:7-9 One of my favorite worship songs is Agnus Dei. The chorus of the song cries, “Holy, Holy, are you Lord God almighty! Worthy is the lamb!” This week as we examine the names of God, we must … Continue reading

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June 22: The god of Family

Read Genesis 22:1-14 Who do you love the most? Some of the first thoughts that might cross your mind are your spouse, your children, or your parents. These answers all seem pretty normal, and not abnormal whatsoever by societal standards. … Continue reading

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June 21: The god of Success

Read Luke 18:18-29 By many accounts, the teachings of Christ in today’s passage seem irrational. The completely selfless proposition of forsaking everything we own to benefit others is counterculture. Thoughts that would generally populate our minds (at least mine at … Continue reading

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