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April 22 – Songs of Praise – How Can We Not Praise Him?

Read Exodus 14:1-15:21 To picture it proves difficult.  As if molding solid clay, God used His breath to form walls with sea water, making way for His people to escape their pursuers.  A million people walking straight through the middle of … Continue reading

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March 22 – Mountaintops – Mount Sinai

Read Exodus 19:1-20:21 This encounter with the Divine at Mount Sinai was a memorable one.  God wanted to make an impression on His people when He gave them the Law (including the 10 Commandments).  He used visual effects…lightning, a thick cloud, fire, … Continue reading

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March 21 – Mountaintops – The Mountain and Moses’ Hands

Read Exodus 17:1-16 Admittedly, the Bible specifically describes the elevated real estate as a hill and not as a mountain.  Nevertheless, something happened there that was worthy of notice… The battlefield perspective on what transpired that day might have led one … Continue reading

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March 20 – Mountaintops – Mount Horeb

Read Exodus 3:1-22 The life of Moses is divided into forty-year segments. For the first forty years of his life, he lived as a Jewish/Egyptian.  Raised in the home of Pharaoh with the corresponding privileges, he was different from the enslaved … Continue reading

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February 28 – Transformation Testimonies – Moses

Read Exodus 2:1-25 & 3:1-22 In terms of life transformation, Moses has an interesting journey. The circumstances of his birth are less than ideal. After the life of Joseph, who had great favor from Pharaoh at the very end of Genesis, Exodus 1:8 … Continue reading

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February 18 – We are ALL IN!

Read Exodus 14:14 My name is Kimberlee Nussbaum, and I’m one of the newest staff members here at Grace. My husband, Abe, and I grew up in Wayne County and feel extremely blessed to find a place where I can … Continue reading

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November 29 – A Conditional Covenant with Moses

Read Exodus 20:1-26; 24:1-11 In a magnificent and intimidating display of majestic power, God gave the Law to Moses.  The people had prepared for this day.  After days of preparation and consecration, they put on clean clothes and stood at the base … Continue reading

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