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November 27 – Life Verses – Galatians 6:10

Read Galatians 6: 1-10 My mom makes the most awesome cookies. Warm and soft with melted chocolate chips straight out of the oven, or cold and crunchy from a stash in the freezer, they are just one of the many … Continue reading

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February 10 – We are ALL IN!

Read Galatians 2:20 I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was 19 years old riding in a 15 passenger van in Daytona Beach, Florida when I got a call from one of my favorite people, Ben Framstad. I … Continue reading

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September 18: Open Letters – Dear Perfectionism

Read Galatians 1:10 Dear Perfectionism, Really? How can I be perfect when I am human? How can I expect everybody else to be perfect when they are human? Quit bugging me! Major League Baseball has been around for 140 years. … Continue reading

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March 4, 2016 – Slide Tackled in the Faith

Read Galatians 5 : Have you ever watched a slide tackle on soccer?  An offensive player, usually running with the ball is suddenly tripped up when their opponent slides into them, usually from the side causing them to stumble, fall, … Continue reading

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January 6th: Peace is a Fruit

Read Galatians 5:16-26. What does it mean to live in peace? It means to no longer live in conflict with God. The Apostle Paul uses the phrase, “walk by the Spirit.” (v. 16) The idea in the original language is … Continue reading

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August 5: Faith as righteousness

Read Galatians 3:1-29 I have never been good at mathematics. In school, I would find myself doing an elaborate math problem and as it progressed, I would feel like things were going well; the numbers didn’t seem too high or … Continue reading

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June 4: The Habit of Listening For The Spirit

Read Galatians 5 They are fourteen words that lead to every next small step. Since we live by the Spirit let us keep in step with the Spirit. (v25) A mile is not a mile but for the 5,280 steps … Continue reading

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