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September 22: The Lord and Your Resolve

Read James 4 Do you consider where you’ll be a year from now? What are your goals? Are you forging a path and a plan to get there? Chances are you have some dreams and aspirations. More than likely, there … Continue reading

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September 21: Your Small Tongue and Your Big God

Read James 3 Small things can make big things happen. Small things can have a lot of power. Microchips are essential components of computers and just about every other electronic device manufactured today. They are the “brains” of your smartphone, … Continue reading

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September 20: Favoritism and Acceptance

Read James 2 Imagine for a moment that we were able to transport you back in time to your days in junior high . . . complete with that weird hairdo and odd clothing (at least by today’s standards). Were … Continue reading

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September 19: True Religion

Read James 1:22-27 Throughout the centuries, religions have defined themselves in terms of rules concerning external conduct. Lists of do’s and don’ts have allowed people to quickly assess their standing. The person’s level of adherence to these rules was directly … Continue reading

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September 18: Wisdom, Trials and Prayer

Read James 1:1-21 It is better to possess wisdom than it is to have gold or silver in large quantities. But how does one go about obtaining wisdom? James, half-brother to the Lord Himself, gave us some insight as he … Continue reading

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January 5 – Righteousness Yields Peace

Read Isaiah 32:17-18;  James 3:13-18 Have you ever noticed that some people just cannot seem to stay out of trouble?  These folks always seem to be involved in conflict on some level.  Their life is a constant drama filled friction magnet. … Continue reading

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July 17: All That We Don’t Know About Trouble

Read: John 16:33; James 1:2,12; I Peter 1:6-9; I Peter 4:12; Hebrews 12:5-13 When questioned about the existence of God, Albert Einstein sometimes answered: Man knows perhaps 2% of all there is to know. That leaves 98% we do not … Continue reading

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