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July 16: The WHYs & WHATs Behind Suffering

Read: Romans 8:28; Job 1:6-8 The WHYs in life are tricky, and this is never truer than when it comes to WHY God allows a trial. Maybe it’s to move someone geographically – “Their house burned down because God wants … Continue reading

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April 29: Dealing with Opposition

Read Job 19:25 and Acts 12:1-19 Several years ago I read the book The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, where he makes a logical review of facts that support the historical Jesus, and the proofs that He was the promised … Continue reading

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November 20: Satan Attacks

Read Job 1:1-22 Sometimes conversations about you take place when you are not there.  We call it “talking behind your back,” and we typically don’t appreciate it when we know that it happens.  But that is the problem.  We don’t … Continue reading

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April 26: Limitations of Human Wisdom

Read Job 28:1-28 The year was 1828. The place was northern Georgia…in the hills around what is now known as Dahlonega. The event was the first of two major gold rushes that have occurred in the United States. In fact, … Continue reading

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