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October 4 – Demonic Plot – Hoped in Vain?

Read Luke 24:13-24; John 21:2, 3; and 1 Corinthians 15:13-20 Some of those alive at the time of Jesus…yes, even some of His closest followers…some of them drew the wrong conclusions. After having spent time with Him witnessing His miracles and hearing His … Continue reading

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September 26 – Demonic Plot – Cliff Notes

Read Luke 4:16-30 Nazareth . . . It was Jesus’ hometown.  If you remember, Mary and Joseph had only gone to Bethlehem because that was the home of their forefathers.  Personally, they hailed from Nazareth.  Jesus grew up there and was … Continue reading

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August 12 – Unstoppable – Unstoppable Power

Read John 14:15-17; Luke 24:36-49; Acts 2:1-21 Something was coming.  Better said, “Someone was coming.”  This Person was to be the Paraklete, the Comforter, the Counselor, the Teacher.  He would guide believers into all truth and would convict the world of sin, righteousness, … Continue reading

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July 28 – His story: Man’s rescue – Is three days too long?

Read Luke 24:1-53 You have probably heard some great stories of rescue through resuscitation.  Some people that flat lined were brought back by CPR.  In other instances, a defibrillator jump started life all over again.  Time is critical when that happens.  I have heard of … Continue reading

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July 22 – His story : Man’s rescue – God becomes man

Read Luke 2:1-52 It’s easy to read today’s Scripture and gloss over the familiar scene.  A young couple about to give birth travels far and wide to a tiny town for a census.  While there, the baby arrives.  Baby Jesus.  And the shepherds working third … Continue reading

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July 21 – His story : Man’s rescue – John the Baptist

Read Luke 1:1-25 Silence…four hundred years of it. That’s what you find between the end of Malachi and the events described in today’s reading. During those years, the Bible gives no record of a voice from heaven, an angelic encounter, or … Continue reading

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May 24 – Trip to the Holy Land – Nazareth

Day 12 – NAZARETH Theme:  Rejection Read Luke 4:14-30 When I was in school, my classmates often called me a nickname. I hated it. Every time I heard that name, it reminded me I wasn’t in the popular crowd. Today, … Continue reading

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