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November 26: Healing a Demon Possessed Man

Read Mark 5:1-43 Unlimited power…That’s what Jesus possesses.  Some people call that His “omnipotence.”  In other words, He is “all powerful.”  That means there is nothing within His moral will that is beyond His divine ability.  Do you believe that?  … Continue reading

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September 28: Faithful Paralytic

Read Mark 2:1-13 There is a great difference between people who simply want God to work in their lives and people who work actively to allow God to work in them. When we get complacent in our walk with Christ, … Continue reading

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April 26: Still

Read Psalm 46:10 and Mark 4: 35-41 It was a Monday morning. As I walked into my office very early with my brain already going through the plans for the week, I saw the church calendar on the wall, and the … Continue reading

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April 6: The Resurrection According to Mark

Read Mark 16:1-8 But go tell his disciples and Peter . . . (v7) Scholars believe that Peter was Mark’s primary source for the book he wrote on Jesus’ life. So when I see those two words at the end of … Continue reading

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March 26 – The Anointing of Jesus, A Love Story

Read Mark 14:1-11 The account of Jesus’ anointing in Mark 14 is a story of love told from three perspectives.   It was two days before Passover and knowing it was close to the time He would be crucified, Jesus wanted … Continue reading

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March 23: Interrogation

Read Mark 12:13-40 Christ’s ministry threatened the attempts of other religious leaders and sects of the day.  As the countdown timer continued to tick off the time towards the crucifixion, leaders of some of those groups came to Him.  They … Continue reading

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April 17: Your Personal Tenebrae

Not having come from a liturgical church background, I am less familiar with some of the special, annual worship opportunities they offer. Recently, a friend told me about the Tenebrae Service practiced in many churches. This service, celebrated during the … Continue reading

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