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September 29: Open Letters – Dear Grief

Read Matthew 7:24-28 Dear Storms of Grief, What a broad spectrum of life you cover! You’ve touched many, if not all, lives. Sometimes you sweep over me like a flash flood. Sometimes you creep in slowly like a thunderstorm… low … Continue reading

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September 28: Open Letters – Dear Miscarriage & Stillborn Loss

Dear Miscarriage and Stillborn Loss, You have entered the lives of many, taking from them a deeply wanted and precious life. You are most unwelcome. Yet, you come. I never expected you’d come knocking on my door. But you did. … Continue reading

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September 27: Open Letters – Dear Rejection

Read 1 Peter 2:4-8 Dear Rejection, You managed to steal some time in my life, that I will never get back.  You ruled my heart in middle school when I didn’t get invited to ‘that party’.  You tore at my … Continue reading

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September 26: Open Letters – Dear Solitude (Part 2)

Read 1 Peter 5:8 Dear Solitude, In yesterday’s letter, I wrote about the good side of your coin – the heads side – spending time alone with Jesus. Today I’m writing you about the dark side of your coin – … Continue reading

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September 25: Open Letters – Dear Solitude

Read Luke 5: 15-16 Dear Solitude, I like you and I don’t. You are good and you are evil. Like a coin with two sides. Heads! Solitude, on one side, you are good: “Yet the news about him spread all … Continue reading

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September 24: Open Letters – Dear Abandonment

Read Deuteronomy 31:6 Dear Abandonment, We first met when I was very young, too young in my opinion. You left me feeling alone, scared about the future, and, in many ways, hopeless. How else is one supposed to feel growing … Continue reading

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September 23: Open Letters – Dear Emotions

Read Jeremiah 1 and Lamentations 3 To all of the emotions, I should start by proclaiming powerful words from a friend as a declaration to begin this letter; ”We are friends. Not because I longed for you or loved you, … Continue reading

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