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July 18: Worship Song

Read Psalm 98 It had been a difficult semester. My heart had been broken and my spirit was crushed. The middle of my senior year in college proved to be a defining one in which God let my brokenness take … Continue reading

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July 17: Pivoting Towards Faith and Rest

Read Psalm 95:1-11 Every circumstance has pivotal, even polarizing potential. You have probably noticed that with others. Two patients . . . both diagnosed with a terminal illness . . . one’s faith and intimacy with God seem to grow … Continue reading

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July 16: Worship, the Wicked, and the Righteous

Read Psalm 92:1-15 We often experience the realities of the first four verses of this psalm. Just a few days ago, many from Grace Church enjoyed a moving “Night of Worship.” We united our hearts and voices in giving thanks … Continue reading

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July 15: Where Do You Live?

Read Psalm 91 Take a look at your Bible or at the online text as we make an observation about this Psalm.  Many Bibles place more space between verses 8 and 9 than between the other verses of Psalm 91.  … Continue reading

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July 14: Time and Eternity

Written by pastoral intern Taylor Bennington Read Psalm 90:1-17 Last week I attended a lunch meeting with a volunteer organization on behalf of our church, and I was taken aback by how the majority of the agenda was focused on … Continue reading

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July 13: The Dedicated Pilgrim’s Walk

Read Psalm 84 “The pilgrims to the heavenly city may have to pass through many a valley of weeping, and many a thirsty desert; but wells of salvation shall be opened for them, and consolations sent for their support. Those … Continue reading

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July 12: Going through the motions?

Read Psalm 81:1-16 There is a definite change of tone and spokesman that we observe in this psalm as we move from verse 5 to verse 6. Whereas verses 1-5 seem to be Asaph’s invitation to worship (probably at the … Continue reading

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