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April 6 – Mountaintops – High Mountain of Revelation

Read Revelation 21:1-22:21 I love going to the mountains!  I love the view of the mountains and the view from the mountains.  The view of the mountains is always majestic as they tower above my valley vantage point.  And the view from the mountains is … Continue reading

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December 31 – Angels worship

Read Revelation 5:1-14 At the time the apostle John wrote this apocalyptic book, he was likely in his 90’s.  His life had been filled with loving service for his Savior.  He had certainly suffered for the name of Christ.  Historical records … Continue reading

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November 24 – 35 Prayers in the Bible – John

Read Revelation 22:10-21 [Before reading, please watch this video: I don’t know about you, but, whenever I listen and sing along to this song, I legitimately have to fight back tears…every single time. Now, I’m not someone who normally … Continue reading

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June 30: The Alpha and Omega

Read Revelation 1:4-8 This week, we are digging a little deeper into some of the many names of Jesus. It always seems that whenever I think of Jesus as being eternal, that is Him having no beginning and no end, … Continue reading

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September 10: Prophetic Application — Evangelistic Fervor

Read Acts 1:1-11 This knowledge is not something we can keep to ourselves. There are ears that need to hear and lives that need to be changed through what we’ve been studying over the last four weeks. In Acts 1, … Continue reading

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September 9: Prophetic Application — Expectant Living

Read Matthew 25:1-13 Many of us deal with the fear of being unprepared. Some of us might even admit to having nightmares of being in front of a group of people making a presentation and realizing that we forgot our … Continue reading

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September 8: New Heaven and New Earth (Part 2)

Read Revelation 22:1-21 In this last chapter of Revelation, John describes two very important details of the new Heaven. A crystal clear river flows from the throne of God. It matches the crystal like quality of the city itself. The … Continue reading

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