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February 21 – Meet the Team – Jake Lawson

Read Romans 6:1-23 “…so we too might walk in newness of life.” Becoming “alive in Christ” was a process for me. It wasn’t one moment but over the span of a year and a half. Having grown up in a … Continue reading

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February 15 – Meet the Team – Steve Kern

Read Romans 15:14-29 It was almost exactly 16 years ago that I joined the staff at Grace Church in Wooster. Here, I have the privilege of working alongside of some incredible staff members and volunteers. Together, we help others to … Continue reading

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February 11 – Meet the Team – Craig French

Read Romans 12:2 Hello, my name is Craig French.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to write for Every Day with God on behalf of Grace Church, and I wanted to tell you more about myself.  I am the … Continue reading

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February 5 – Faithfulness – He Died for Sinners

Read Romans 5:6-11, Isaiah 53:4-5 & 1 John 1:9 I can’t keep promises. I don’t think I’m known as an irresponsible person but I do let people down. I let myself down. I don’t follow through. I get lazy. Forgetful. … Continue reading

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February 4 – Faithfulness – He Is for Us

Read Romans 8:31-32 Romans 6-8 is probably some of my favorite chapters in the entire Bible. Not only is Paul speaking of our life in sin, but he ends with speaking of the power over death and resurrection that Christ … Continue reading

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December 11 – The Beatitudes – “Blessed are the peacemakers…”

Read Romans 12:18 To live in peace is quite hard to do. Especially when you disagree with the person next to you. I think about my work environment and just how I am constantly striving to live in peace with … Continue reading

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December 2 – The Songs We Sing – “Holy Ground”

Read Exodus 33:18; John 11:40; 2 Corinthians 4:6; John 8:36; Romans 8:1-39 Listen to Holy Ground by Passion In your time of worship, what do you see? Is there a visual that comes to your mind? Is there truth … Continue reading

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October 11 – BLESS

Read Romans 10:1-21 Every time I read this passage, I am struck by the way that Paul describes the progression to a person’s salvation. He outlines those steps in reverse order. Those who are saved must call upon the Lord … Continue reading

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October 7 – Attributes of God – Wrath

Read Psalm 7:11 and Romans 9:14-24 Wrath. Oxford defines it as “extreme anger”. Inside and outside the church, it can be a stumbling block to rightly understanding God’s perfect character.  When talking to people about God’s wrath, judgment, punishment, even … Continue reading

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July 21 – United: Church – Romans 14

Read Romans 14:1-23 “There is no effort without error or shortcoming.” Theodore Roosevelt, THE MAN IN THE ARENA. Almost 10 years ago, on June 2, 2010, I watched a baseball game on TV in Comerica Park in Detroit between the … Continue reading

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