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July 21: Give Life, Don’t Take It

Read Romans 10:5-21 At first glance you might be thinking how does today’s reading have anything to do with our weeklong study on “thou shall not murder.” But take a look a little deeper, and you will find this passage … Continue reading

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January 14th: Pursuing Peace with Others

Read Romans 14:13-23. “Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another.” (NIV, Romans 14:13) The context of this whole passage begins a few verses earlier with Paul’s encouragement to us to not argue with people over disputable matters. The … Continue reading

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January 4: Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace.

Read Romans 5:1-11 There are often times that I think to myself of what my life would be like without Jesus. Without the power of the Holy Spirit in my life, how much different would my life be? How would … Continue reading

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January 3: The Hope of Eternal Life

Read Romans 8:1-11 Four years ago, I read through the Bible cover to cover with a group of other Bible students. I must say that it was a great experience. To that point, I had read most of it, or … Continue reading

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August 3: Importance of Israel

Read Romans 11:1-36 God’s plan for humanity started with the nation of Israel. The Messiah would come through the royal line of David. In His ministry on earth, Jesus would deliberately minister to the people of Israel. As we know, … Continue reading

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July 16: The WHYs & WHATs Behind Suffering

Read: Romans 8:28; Job 1:6-8 The WHYs in life are tricky, and this is never truer than when it comes to WHY God allows a trial. Maybe it’s to move someone geographically – “Their house burned down because God wants … Continue reading

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June 26: Resurgence of Israel

Read Romans 11:1-36 Why do you have salvation? What would you say if I told you that in Matthew 15:24 Jesus said that He only came for the lost sheep of Israel? The people of Israel are God’s chosen people. … Continue reading

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