December 26 – Word Became Flesh – Just a Season?

Read 1 Corinthians 16:14

“Let all that you do be done in love”

Easy enough, right?

You may have heard this from me before, whether in a blog from past seasons or in conversation, but October to December is my favorite time of year. As the seasons shift, it seems so do the attitudes of people.

Why is that, do you think?

Could it be the clean crisp air around us, causing us to feel new or knowing that newness is close with a new beginning to a new year on its way? Could it be because we all love the holiday season for different reasons?

For me, October to December represents all of the above. In October, I get to thank the Lord for this life that He has gifted me as my birthday approaches in the month. November is a time of reflecting on gratitude. November reminds me to shift my perspective back to what really matters and be grateful for all that has happened in the seasons past and seasons to come.

Then December.

I am the girl who goes full out for Christmas. I put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving, I play Christmas music as often as possible. Driving around looking at Christmas lights brings happiness to my heart. Buying gifts for those I care about and love brings me so much joy. It is that time of year where joy, cheer and happiness seem to be widespread and I love it.

But why must we remember to spread love, joy, happiness and gratitude just one season a year? Hasn’t Jesus called us to be the light fully? Hasn’t He called us to love daily?

Joy and love should be year-round not just a month or so at the end of the year.

So how do we change this? How do we plan to start fresh daily? To see people as Jesus sees them, daily . . .year-round?

Let us challenge ourselves to be THE love that Christ has called us to be, even after Christmas morning.

Christ is the word. God’s message to mankind. So, when we think of how to continue on, why not look at the life of Jesus and the call He gave to us? As you approach Christmas, as you approach a new year, be Jesus. Represent the word and walk in the light and be the light to those around us.

It is easier said than done, but it is possible! You know why? Because you have the Word living inside of you. Not only challenging you to be who you were intended to be, but helping and guiding you to bring joy and love to those around.

Jesus changes it all.

The word became flesh.

An example to follow.

Kelly Lawson

December 25 – Word Became Flesh – Go and Tell

Read Luke 2:8-20 and Matthew 2:1-12

Have you ever heard somebody sing “Gloria In Excelsis Deo”? I mean really sing it. Especially the Gloria part. It is from the song “Angels We Have Heard on High.” From Latin to English it means “Glory to God in the highest” from Luke 2:14. It is about praising God.

A guy named Rich Jones came to Wooster High School to sing as part of a Christmas program assembly for all students. I was 17 and watching the program in the gymnasium that still stands today.

I remember exactly where I was sitting and he instantly became the greatest singer I’ve ever heard. The passion, strength and tune that he sang “Glooooooooo-r- ia In Excelsis Deo” was in a way I still have never heard since. I recall exactly where I was sitting and the impact it had on me. It “brought the house down.” Every time I sing this song I think of that moment. That was just about 50 years ago.

The only thing that would match that moment was a few minutes later when the same guy started singing “fall on your knees” and that’s exactly what he did in front of 1500 high school kids – he fell on his knees while singing “O Holy Night”. He did not miss a beat. And again, every time I hear that song I think of that concert.

On that day, I got a glimpse of something that was beyond human comprehension about the child Jesus Christ. I got a glimpse of peace on earth – a deeper, more lasting peace – a peace of mind and soul made possible because of the Savior. Peace with God is received by faith in Christ (Romans 5:1) and His favor rests on Christian believers. I heard Rich sing it, I read it in the Bible (Luke 2:14) and I believe it.

Two verses before that, in verse 11, is the greatest announcement ever made in human history in my view: “Today in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.”

Are you aware of the significance of these verses and some of the music that came from them? Are you aware that Christ also brought conflict (Luke 12:49)? The peace with God that we talk and sing about at Christmas involves opposition to Satan and his work.

The significance lives on.

As the shepherds were told to “go and tell” many years ago, we are told to do the same! Who do you know that needs to be told about the good news of Christ?

Tom Weckesser

December 24 – Word Became Flesh – Resisted from the Beginning

Read Matthew 2:1-23

Imagine a nativity scene with all of the typical figurines. Inside of the stable are Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in a manger. The visitors include some shepherds and magi. How would you feel, though, if another animal was added to the normal mix of cows and sheep? And what if that animal was a dragon?

While that may seem like an odd addition, there is biblical precedent for it. In referencing the birth of Jesus through Jewish descent, the book of Revelation tells us, “The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born” (Rev 12:4). That dragon is identified as Satan (Rev. 12:9).

There is a backstory, then, to the narrative of the king you read about today. Behind the jealousy of a man stood the hatred of the devil. If you look past the fear of first-century royalty, you witness the opposition of an age-old serpent. His intentions from the outset were to prematurely foil the plans of the Father.

While other young baby boys were tragically killed in those days, Jesus was protected…for the time. This was not the only time that Jesus was pursued prematurely. At one point, human opponents (arguably inspired and empowered by Satan) forced Him to a cliff. Their  intentions were to push Him to His death. Thankfully, He walked away unscathed (Luke 4:28-30).

But, eventually, His hour came (John 13:1). Though He died a cruel death on the cross, it was ultimately Satan who sustained the fatal blow (Gen 3:16). On the cross, Jesus took upon Himself the sins of mankind to impart to mankind the righteousness of God. Through His death and resurrection, He destroyed the devil, who has the power of death (Heb. 2:14-16).

Friends, Jesus experienced opposition from early in life. That antagonism continued throughout His life. We should not be surprised, when we, as His followers, experience it today. In fact, Paul encourages us to recognize that all who live godly in Him will face it (2 Tim 3:12). Don’t be discouraged. In opposition, you are in great company…and you are assured victory.

Steve Kern

December 23 – Word Became Flesh – Trusting God’s Plan

Read Luke 1:26-38 and Matthew 1:18-25

“God, what in the world are You planning?”

Have you asked yourself this question before?

There have been several times, even in the past couple of years, that I have asked this exact question. I remember how I felt when I found out Kelly had lost her job a couple of years ago when Mattie was 6 months old, when we found out we miscarried our second child, when my good friend was admitted into a rehab center, when my Grandma declined quickly and passed away, and when one of our cars got totaled and we were in no position to purchase another car.

I recall, in those moments, taking a deep breath and dialing a spiritual phone to talk with the Creator of the universe. You know all the Christian things to say like “God always has a plan”, “where God guides He provides” and so on. However, when you find yourself in such a position, it’s so much harder to trust in God’s plan for your life because you have no idea what He is up to.

I’d imagine Mary and Joseph were in a similar boat. Here was Mary, a young teenage girl finding out that she was pregnant via the Holy Spirit, and Joseph, trying to believe that what Mary was telling him was true. Their lives were completely turned upside down and they were going off the word of an angel from Heaven.

Try to imagine the moment the angel Gabriel left Mary. Mary is finally alone after being told that she is pregnant and the baby is the Messiah that had been promised for so long.

“Uhhhhhhhmmmmm, what now?”

(Jake’s translation of what probably didn’t happen)

If you read on in the gospels, you will find that both Mary and Joseph both trusted in God’s plan for them and, because of that, the world would never be the same.

How often do you find yourself in the position of asking God what His plan is? Do you really trust that God knows what’s best for your life and that He will always be right next to you guiding you through life’s many challenges?

Imagine the board game Candy Land. The board contains a long and windy road that gets you from the bottom to the castle at the top. The game is full of shortcuts and scary people like Lord Licorice, who always freaked me out as a kid.

You see, God has your life mapped out from start to finish. He knows what trials you are going to experience and what trials He is going to save you from and what you have the strength to endure.

Do you believe that?

As hard as it was for me to trust in God’s provision in those moments, I had to ask myself, “When has God ever failed me before?” and “When did He ever let me down?”


God loves you. He has a plan for your life and even though you can’t see Him, He is right next to you with His arm around you, guiding you through life’s many ups and downs.

He never fails.

Jake Lawson

December 22 – Word Became Flesh – Foretold Birth

Read Isaiah 7:14

I will never forget the moment I learned I was going to be an aunt! Every day leading up to the birth of my first niece, I was preparing myself to be the greatest aunt that has ever lived. I started purchasing baby clothes, baby socks, baby bibs, baby shoes, baby toys, and I even made a baby blanket (keep in mind, I am by no means a seamstress). There was so much excitement and anticipation that I literally could’ve burst at any moment. But nothing, absolutely nothing, beat the joy I had when we got the phone call that she was here and we could come meet her! My life changed the moment I held her in my arms and looked into those big, blue eyes.

Isn’t it amazing how someone’s life, no matter how long we’ve known them, can make such a significant difference in our lives? As we approach the day to celebrate the birth of our Savior, I can’t help but imagine how thrilling it must have been for those who knew the power and life change that would come with that unexpected, yet highly anticipated, baby boy.

“Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.” 

Whoa! This simple verse that we read every Christmas season is jam packed with incredible promise…there was promise that the Lord himself would send a sign, that a miracle would occur through a virgin birth, and that this baby would be called Immanuel. As if the buildup wasn’t enough, the verse ends with a name that would transform mankind for all eternity:


Immanuel means “God with us”. The many years prior to this moment, people had heard from God and experienced Him in supernatural ways, but in this verse, Isaiah tells us that the same God that the Israelites had known all those years before would soon come in the flesh. God Almighty would be genuinely with us, choosing to experience life on earth as fully man and still fully God. Seriously, what an unbelievably exciting time to watch God lay out His intricate plan of salvation for every person!

Today, we are living in that reality of having confidence in our salvation through Christ’s death and resurrection. So, as we inch closer to Christmas day, take a moment to thank God for His plan to send Jesus and for how Jesus’ life has changed yours!

Becca Harbaugh

December 21 – Word Became Flesh – Exemplify Humility

Read Luke 2:7, Matthew 21:1-11, Philippians 2:3-8 and Luke 19:1-10

The opposite of humility is arrogance, which is an attitude of offensive displays of superiority or self-importance. You can be confident without arrogance. Can you be a person with an attitude of humility?

Humility is often seen as being modest and a low view of one’s own importance. It could also be the experiences some people have had this year in a pandemic. A great view of humility is in Luke 2.

Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem:

“and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.”

Luke 2:7 NIV

So Jesus was born in a stable – a building set apart and adapted for keeping horses. A barn. Inside was a manger which is a trough – a long, narrow, open container designed for animals to eat or drink out of. It also has been called an open receptacle, usually boxlike in shape, used mainly to hold water or food for animals. So, you could say Jesus was born in a trough.

What a humble birth!

A feeding trough in a barn is usually dark. Darkness can keep the flies away in summer. There’s not much light in a barn. So, it is interesting that Jesus – born in a dark trough – was the Light of the world. The darkness is the world we live in. The Bible says that:

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

John 1:5 NKJV

Was it a coincidence – circumstances without apparent cause – that there was no room for them in the inn? In my view, no. I do not believe in coincidences. Instead, this was a demonstration of humility. To be born in a stable. This was the will of God – His good, pleasing and perfect will. No improvement can be made on the will of God (Romans 12:2 NIV Study Bible comments).

Michael W Smith wrote the Christmas song GLORIA and  Mercy Me sings it. I listen to it at 100 amplitude.

“How could Heaven’s heart not break

On the day, the day that You came?

Salvation’s reason to celebrate…”

Jesus was born in a very humble place. He performed many humble acts in His short lifetime of maybe 33 years. For example, He took the form of a servant and washed the dirty feet of the disciples…even the feet of an enemy (Judas Iscariot), to give us an example of serving in humility (John 13:6-7). Then Jesus said, “I have sent you an example that you should do as I have done for you.” (v. 15) The message is to treat people the way that Jesus would treat them. Jesus definitely has the attitude of humility.

Do you practice humility every day?

Tom Weckesser

December 20 – Word Became Flesh

Read John 1:1-18

I don’t know about anyone else but I am a complete Scrooge before Thanksgiving. It is a massive pet peeve of mine when Christmas decorations are thrown out in WalMart weeks before Thanksgiving even happens. I admit and recognize that this is a personal opinion of mine but it is one that I strongly hold to. I will happily bring the Christmas decorations up from the garage and listen to Christmas music while drinking eggnog as soon as the day after Thanksgiving, but, before that, it’s all about focusing on being thankful for the things that God has blessed us with.

We live in a world that is all about the physical and emotional benefits of Christmas. If you’ll allow me to use some “young people language”, it’s all about the vibe. It’s all about the feeling that Christmas provides and the gifts that you receive. It’s funny that we, as a society, focus more on the three wisemen and the gifts that they brought Jesus rather than the fact that Jesus was born in the first place.

I’ll admit that I love some good Christmas lights and the awe that Mattie, who is 3 as of this writing, showed when we were setting up our tree and his wide eyes when the lights got turned on.

However, we should never forget the true reason for the season.

For the next week, we are going to be reminding ourselves of the significance of Jesus coming to earth. THAT is the reason for the season.

Personally, I love John 1 and its description of Jesus coming to earth.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.”

In the first four verses we read about the Word being with God and being God. Take away from these verses that the Word = God. And now for the inspiration of this week’s series in verse 14:

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”

THIS is why we celebrate Christmas. Not because of the gifts that we receive and the vibe the season brings us. We celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus and the gift to humanity that His birth brought about.

For the next 6 days, we are going to be reading about events surrounding the birth of Jesus and the act of the Word becoming flesh. It is our prayer here at EverydaywithGod that you will be encouraged this week by focusing on the birth of Jesus as the reason for the season.

Jake Lawson