September 29: The Roman Centurion

Read Matthew 8:1-17

It wasn’t just a good day for Jesus. It was His life. The humble, compassionate tender-hearted power that Jesus gave to everyone who’d have Him could do nothing less than show itself true through every encounter He directed.

This was a day full of healing. Jesus’ touch. Jesus’ word. No matter the method, He healed people who needed wholeness.

He Himself took our weaknesses and carried our diseases (v17).

The healing, the life-giving — this is why Jesus Christ left heaven’s comfort. He is the very Creator of each person who saw Him, heard Him, followed Him that day. Jesus stepped off His perfect and glorious throne in heaven and onto the broken and hurting earth so He Himself (could take their) weaknesses and carry (their) diseases. So He could take our weaknesses and heal our diseases.

When the man with that terrible skin disease, who hadn’t been touched in who-knows-how-long, stepped forward and asked, Jesus took away his disease with a tender touch of love-come-down.

And when the Roman soldier, whose servant lay dying as he stood believing, approached Jesus, He Himself carried away the man’s weakness with the breath of His word. Literally. Jesus Christ spoke healing for that man’s servant. And the servant was well.

His transformation went from faith to fullness in the amount of time it took for Jesus to say

Go; let it be done for you as you have believed (v13).

A faith Jesus hadn’t yet seen led Jesus to marvel. And it showed Jesus to be the all-powerful Creator that He is. Healer of the broken. Breath of life.

His was a faith that leads me to marvel at Jesus’ power, the breath of His Word, the power of His being. It cause me to wonder — what does our faith show of Jesus? Does it lead people to marvel at His love and wonder at His power like the Roman centurion?

I hope so.