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July 14: God Uses Crisis to Move People – Changing Hearts

Read: Acts 9:15-16; Acts 14:22; II Cor. 11:23-29 Saul of Tarsus. The best of the best. Sincere. Zealous. Smart. Highly educated. Passionate in his zeal for God. And dead wrong. Suffering is central to Saul’s story. It starts with him … Continue reading

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July 13: God Uses Crisis to Move People – Geographically

READ: Genesis 45:5; Genesis 46:1-4; Acts 8:1 My thoughts on the subject of crisis have evolved a lot since a year ago, when I was first approached by Encompass World Partners about developing a Crisis Response ministry. To be honest, … Continue reading

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July 12: The Crucible of Crisis

Read: Psalm 119:67 & James 1:2-4 Who in their right minds would prefer hard times to easy? Ask 100 people which they prefer and 100 would answer the same: give me the GOOD TIMES! So how does one account for … Continue reading

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